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FERC Issues Order Setting Deadline for Submittal of Modifications to Reliability Standard TPL-002-0

March 18, 2010
On March 18, 2010, in Docket No. RM06-16, FERC issued an order directing NERC to submit a modification to Reliability Standard TPL-002-0 that is responsive to the Commission’s directive in Order No. 693 by June 30, 2010. Specifically, in Order No. 693, the Commission directed NERC to develop certain modifications to Reliability Standard TLP-002-0, pursuant to NERC’s Reliability Standards Development Process, including a clarification of Table I, footnote b of the standard, regarding the “planned or controlled interruption of electric supply” where a single contingency occurs on a transmission system. Although the Commission, in Order No. 693, did not set a deadline for submitting these modifications, the Commission notes that almost three years have passed since the issuance of the directive in Order No. 693 and NERC has not yet submitted the required modifications. To read the Commission order, click here.