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NERC to Begin Issuing Compliance Application Notices (CANs)

May 5, 2010

On May 5, 2010, NERC Compliance Operations announced that it is going to begin issuing Compliance Application Notices (CANs) as part of its work "with Regional Entities to improve consistency, transparency, and efficiency of compliance processes and expectations, and to promote a culture of compliance excellence through education, transparency, and information."  


CANs "are not intended to establish new requirements under NERC’s Reliability Standards or to modify the requirements in any existing NERC Reliability Standards."  Instead, they are intended "to provide a timely response to queries and issues that arise from the field and industry, and aim to assist Compliance Operations and Regional Entities with the performance of compliance activities and registered entities with compliance regarding NERC Reliability Standards, by:

• Providing transparency;

• Improving consistency;

• Identifying trends;

• Educating and engendering a culture of compliance; and

• Encouraging effective self-policing and correction


Compliance will cdontinue to be determined based on language in the NERC Reliability Standards as they may be amended from time to time, and in the event of any inconsistency, the language of the NERC Reliability Standard will control. To view NERC CANs that have been issued, click here.