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NERC Files Status Report on Development of the BAL-004-WECC-1 Standard

November 22, 2010

On November 22, 2010, in Docket No. RM08-12, NERC filed a Status Report on the development of the Regional Reliability Standard BAL-004-WECC-1 (Standard Automatic Time Error Correction). NERC had filed a petition for approval of the standard on July 29, 2008.  In evaluating the standard, NERC identified certain shortcomings that WECC agreed to address by submitting a revised version for NERC and FERC approval within 18 months after FERC approved the standard.  On May 21, 2009, FERC issued an order approving the standard, but it did not direct the timeframe for when WECC’s modifications were to be completed, nor did it address NERC’s commitment to file a revised standard within 18 months. According to this status report, WECC anticipates that it will have a draft standard developed and filed with FERC by May 22, 2012, giving WECC time to develop the standard through its standard development process before sending it to NERC for review and NERC Board approval.  To view the status report, click here.