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NERC Submits Two Compliance Filings Pertaining to VSL Assignments

On December 19, 2008, NERC submitted two compliance filings pertaining to violation severity level assignments for certain mandatory reliability standards.  NERC’s first compliance filing was submitted in compliance with the Commission’s June 19, 2008 order, in which the Commission directed NERC to provide justification for inconsistencies in the single VSL assigned to binary requirements of certain reliability standards (VSL Order).  NERC’s second compliance filing was submitted in response to the Commission’s November 20, 2008 order on rehearing of the VSL Order, in which the Commission granted NERC’s request for rehearing of certain VSL assignments ordered by the Commission in the VSL Order.


To view NERC’s compliance filing on “Binary” VSLs, click here.

To view NERC’s compliance filing for the VSL Rehearing Order, click here.