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NERC Submits CMEP Compliance Filing and Revised Delegation Agreements

On February 17, 2009, NERC submitted a compliance filing to FERC in response to the directives set forth the Commission’s December 19, 2008 Order.  NERC’s compliance filing contains: a revised NERC uniform Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program document (CMEP), including revised Hearing Procedures; certain revisions to Section 400 of the NERC Rules of Procedure; and, revised Amended and Restated Delegation Agreements with certain of the eight Regional Entities.  NERC explains that these revised materials were provided to the NERC Member Representatives Committee and the NERC Board of Trustees on January 30, 2009, and subsequently approved by the NERC Board on February 10, 2009.  To view NERC’s compliance filing, click here.