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NERC Submits Proposed INT Reliability Standards and Associated Terms for FERC Approval

On February 5, 2009, NERC submitted three proposed Reliability Standards to FERC for approval: INT-005-3, Interchange Authority Distributes Arranged Interchange; INT-006-3, Response to Interchange Authority; and, INT-008-3, Interchange Authority Distributes Status. In addition, NERC submitted three new terms and definitions associated with these interchange-related Reliability Standards: “After the Fact”, “Emergency Response for Interchange” or “RFI”, and “Reliability Adjustment RFI.” In its filing, NERC also requests that existing Reliability Standards INT-005-2, INT-006-2, and INT-008-2 be retired upon the effective date of the new proposed standards. NERC also explains that no new Violation Risk Factors (VRFs) or Violation Severity Levels (VSLs) are being proposed with these standards. To view NERC’s filing of proposed new INT Reliability Standards, click here.