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NERC Submits CIP Version 2 Reliability Standards for FERC Approval

On May 22, 2009, NERC submitted proposed modifications to Reliability Standards CIP-002-1, CIP-003-1, CIP-004-1, CIP-005-1, CIP-006-1, CIP-007-1, CIP-008-1, and CIP-009-1 for FERC approval.  The modifications addressed in NERC’s filing are in direct response to the Commission’s directives in Order No. 706, in which the Commission approved CIP Version 1 Reliability Standards but directed NERC to develop certain modifications to the CIP Version 1 Reliability Standards.  NERC explains that the proposed CIP Version 2 Reliability Standards were approved by the NERC BOT and, once approved by the Commission, should be made effective in accordance with the effective date provisions set forth in the proposed standards.  To view the full text of NERC’s filing together with the proposed CIP Version 2 Reliability Standards, click here.