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NERC Submits Notice of Penalty to FERC

On May 7, 2009, NERC submitted a NOP to FERC regarding Upper Peninsula Power Company’s (Upper Peninsula) self-certified violation of Reliability Standards FAC-008-1, R 1.2.2, R2, and R3; FAC-009-1, R1 and R2; and, PRC-005-1, R1 and R2.  Reliability Standards FAC-008-1 and FAC-009-1 relate to violations concerning Upper Peninsula’s Facility Ratings Methodology.  Reliability Standard PRC-005-1 relates to Upper Peninsula’s failure to have in place a Protection System Maintenance and Testing Program for protection systems that affect the reliability of the Bulk Electric System and for failing to timely develop and conduct testing of its protection system and maintenance testing program.  Upper Peninsula does not dispute the violations and NERC did not propose a financial penalty in the NOP.  To view the NOP, click here.