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FERC Denies EEI’s Request for Clarification of Order No. 706-B

On June 18, 2009, FERC issued an order denying EEI’s April 20, 2009 Request for Clarification of Order No. 706-B.  In denying EEI’s request for clarification, FERC stated that it “will not make commitments to EEI or others in this proceeding regarding the scope or timing of any coordinated activities between the Commission and the NRC.”  Regarding EEI’s request to clarify the need for stakeholder input, FERC noted that there has already been stakeholder meetings and that FERC expects NERC will allow future stakeholder input.  As a result, FERC concluded there was not a need to address EEI’s request.  To read the Commission’s order, click here.