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NERC Submits Two NOPs Regarding U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

On June 24, 2009, NERC submitted two Notices of Penalty (NOPs) regarding the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  The first NOP addresses the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Omaha District’s (COE-OD) self-certified non-compliance with Reliability Standards FAC-009-1, Requirement R1 and R2; and, PRC-005-1, R1, and R2 for six of its generators.  COE-OD does not dispute the violations or the proposed zero dollar penalty recommended by NERC.  To view the NOP for COE-OD, click here.


The second NOP addresses the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Tulsa District’s (COE – Tulsa District) self-certified non-compliance with Reliability Standard PRC-005-1, R1.1 and R2 for its Denison Project Generator.  NERC notes that COE-Tulsa District identified other reliability standards in its self-certification, which NERC explains will be addressed in a separate NOP filing to FERC.  In addition, because of certain questions raised by COE-Tulsa District with respect to whether, as a governmental entity, it is subject to certain of NERC’s registration requirements, NERC requests that the Commission issue a decision in the case clearly deciding the jurisdictional issue, even if COE-Tulsa District chooses not to seek review of the NERC decision.  To view the NOP for COE-Tulsa District, click here.