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FERC Issues Order on NERC’s 2009 Business Plan and Budget Compliance Filing

On July 16, 2009, FERC issued an order addressing NERC’s December 15, 2008 compliance filing (as supplemented on March 16, 2009), which was submitted in response to the Commission's October 16, 2008 order on NERC’s 2009 Business Plan and Budget (Budget Order).  In the Budget Order, the Commission conditionally accepted the business plans and budgets of NERC, the Regional Entities and the Western Interconnection Regional Advisory Board (WIRAB) but expressed concern about whether NERC’s budget provides adequate funding for certain activities.  In light of those concerns, the Commission directed NERC to submit a compliance filing that provides further explanation regarding funding levels of certain programs and a possible supplemental request for funding.  To view FERC’s order addressing NERC’s compliance filing addressing the Commission's funding-level concerns, click here.