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NERC Posts Updated Materials for August 4, 2009 BOTCC Meeting

NERC recently made available the materials and agenda for the August 4, 2009 NERC Board of Trustees Compliance Committee meeting in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Particular items of note include: (1) a Summary Report and presentation on violations of Reliability Standards PRC-005 and CIP-004 (Item 3); (2) a presentation of on the Violation Risk Index (VRI) as a Reliability Performance Metric (Item 4); (3) a compliance program status report on Canadian alleged violations (Item 5); (4) a violations Backlog Reduction Plan (Item 6); and, (5) various information and statistics on the state of confirmed and alleged violations (Items 7 and 8).  To view the August 4, 2009 BOTCC meeting materials, updated through July 31, 2009, click here.