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NERC Submits Three NOPS to FERC for Review

On July 31, 2009, NERC submitted three Notices of Penalty (NOP) to FERC for review.  The first NOP concerns Ashburnham Municipal Light Plant (Ashburnham) regarding violations of Reliability Standard CIP-001-1, Requirements R1, R2, R3, and R4 for failure to have a written procedure for dealing with possible sabotage events.  Ashburnham does not dispute the violations and proposed zero dollar penalty amount.  To view the Ashburnham NOP, click here.

The second NOP concerns Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) regarding violations of Reliability Standard FAC-003-1, Requirement R2.  The NOP states that WECC and PG&E have entered into a Settlement Agreement in which PG&E has agreed to the proposed penalty of $100,000 to be assessed to PG&E, in addition to other remedies that include other mitigation actions.  To view the PG&E NOP, click here.

The third NOP concerns MidAmerican Energy Company (MidAmerican) regarding self-reported non-compliance with Reliability Standard PRC-005-1, Requirement R2.1 for failure to document evidence of its Protection System device maintenance and testing program within each device‚Äôs defined intervals.  MidAmerican does not dispute the violation or the proposed zero dollar penalty amount.  To view the MidAmerican NOP, click here.