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NERC Submits Errata Changes to Three Reliability Standards

On August 12, 2009, NERC submitted errata changes to three Reliability Standards to FERC for approval.  Specifically, the three Reliability Standards that are the subject of NERC’s filing are: IRO-006-4.1 (Reliability Coordination – Transmission Loading Relief); MOD-021-0.1 (Documentation of the Accounting Methodology for the Effects of Controllable Demand-Side Management in Demand and Energy Forecasts); and, PER-001-0.1 (Operating Personnel Responsibility and Authority).  NERC explains that the proposed revisions do not change the scope or intent of the associated approved standard and do not have a material impact on the end users of the standards.  Rather, the errors being corrected are discrepancies identified after the standards were initially submitted for regulatory approval.  To view NERC’s filing, click here.