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FERC Accepts NERC’s Revised CMEP

On October 2, 2009, in Docket No. RR06-1-023, FERC issued a letter order accepting NERC’s July 30, 2009 compliance filing that revised section 6.5 and figure 6.1 of the NERC uniform Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP).  NERC submitted the July 30 compliance filing in response to the directives contained in the Commission’s June 1, 2009 Order on NERC’s February 17, 2009 compliance filing.


Revised CMEP section 6.5 now makes clear that the Regional Entity is to provide an accepted Mitigation Plan to NERC within five business days after the Regional Entity accepts such Mitigation Plan.  Revised CMEP section 6.5 also clarifies that a Registered Entity will not be subject to findings of violations or to the imposition of penalties or sanctions for violations of specific requirements of Reliability Standards that are the subject of a Mitigation Plan during the time in which NERC is considering such Mitigation Plan and for a reasonable period of time following NERC’s disapproval, so long as the Registered Entity promptly submits a modified Mitigation Plan responsive to NERC’s concerns.  To view the Commission’s letter order accepting NERC’s modified CMEP, click here.