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FERC Issues Guidance Order Proposing Abbreviated NOP Filings

On October 26, 2009, in Docket Nos. AD10-1-000 and RR09-7-000, FERC issued an order providing additional guidance on the filing of Notices of Penalty (NOPs) by NERC.  Specifically, the Commission’s order responds to NERC’s reference in its Three-Year Performance Assessment to the concerns of many industry stakeholders regarding NERC’s inability to file NOPs for numerous violations of Reliability Standards, some of which date from 2007 and 2008.  In response to NERC and industry concerns about this NOP backlog, the Commission announces that it will accept the filing of an abbreviated NOP in certain circumstances relating to particular classes of violations that NERC and the Regional Entities have determined did not pose significant risk to the reliability of Bulk-Power System.  The Commission directs NERC, the Regional Entities, stakeholders, and Commission Staff to collaborate and develop a proposal for such an abbreviated format.  To view the Guidance Order, click here.