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NERC Posts 2009 Scenario Reliability and Long-Term Reliability Assessments

On October 29, 2009, NERC posted its 2009 Scenario Reliability Assessment, which is intended to complement its 2009 Long-Term Reliability Assessment also posted this day.  NERC explains that the 2009 Scenario Reliability Assessment provides a view of how the ten-year reliability forecast might change were either of two hypothetical scenarios applied.  The first hypothetical scenario assumes the implementation of a North American-wide renewable portfolio standard while the second scenario assumes the integration of high-levels of new nuclear capacity.  Each of the eight NERC Regions provides a detailed self-assessment for their respective Region under one of the two scenarios, including high-level resource planning and operational challenges, transmission requirements, and changes to the generation mix.

NERC’s 2009 Long-Term Reliability Assessment provides an independent view of the reliability of bulk electric system, identifying trends, emerging issues, and potential concerns.  The projections contained in this report are based on a “bottom-up” approach that collected data and perspectives from grid operators, electric utilities, and other users, owners, and operators of the bulk power system.  NERC explains that improvements to the 2009 report from previous reports include more extensive data validation and more granular data on generation and transmission.   

To view NERC’s 2009 Scenario Reliability Assessment, click here.
To view NERC’s 2009 Long-Term Reliability Assessment, click here.