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NERC Submits Comments on TIER Ranking Report

On October 28, 2009, in Docket No. RM06-16-000, NERC submitted comments on the TIER Preliminary Report prepared by FERC and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  In its comments, NERC remarks that the Commission’s future intent regarding the use of the TIER methodology is not clear and, if the Commission intends to use the TIER methodology to develop a modified definition of the bulk power system, NERC requests that the Commission initiate a process to adequately examine appropriate alternative methodologies, including TIER, that focus on bulk power system reliability.  NERC states that, although the TIER methodology might have some merit in determining those elements that should be included in the bulk power system definition, more information is needed before industry participants can fully evaluate whether this or any other methodology provides a reasonable alternative that can be used to determine the elements crucial to the reliability of the bulk power system.  To read the full text of NERC’s comments, click here.