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NERC Submits Omnibus Notice of Penalty to FERC

On October 14, 2009, in Docket No. NP10-2-000, NERC submitted to FERC an Omnibus Notice of Penalty (NOP) regarding 140 Registered Entities.  NERC explains that the Registered Entities identified in the Omnibus NOP are located within the footprints of six of the eight Regional Entities, including FRCC, MRO, RFC, SERC, SPP RE, and WECC.  The  Omnibus NOP resolves 564 possible violations of 54 Reliability Standards and largely represent older violations that were discovered prior to July 3, 2008, the date FERC issued its Guidance Order setting forth the expectations for record development in support of an NOP.  NERC explains that, generally, the records for these cases do not measure up to the criteria stated in the July 3 Guidance Order. However, in the opinion of NERC and the Regional Entities, no significant reliability benefit would be gained by starting over to fully develop the record in each of these cases.  Rather, NERC explains that closing out these older, relatively minor cases will enable NERC and the Regional Entities to focus on more significant violations.

To view the transmittal letter for the Omnibus NOP Filing, click here.
To view the Excel spreadsheet setting forth the NOPs contained in the Omnibus NOP Filing, click here.