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NERC Issues Report on Generator Requirements at the Transmission Interface

On November 16, 2009, NERC issued a Final Report from the Ad Hoc Group for Generator Requirements at the Transmission Interface.  By way of background, in March 2009, NERC formed an ad hoc group of industry representatives to evaluate existing reliability standard requirements and develop recommendations to address possible gaps in reliability for generator interconnection facilities at the transmission interface.   In general, the ad hoc group was formed in response to the growing concern among the industry that some Generator Owners and Operators were being incorrectly registered as Transmission Owners and/or Transmission Operators. 

The final report concludes, among other things, that a Generator Owner that owns or operates a Generator Interconnection Facility that is a sole-use facility should not be registered as a Transmission Owner or Transmission Operator solely by virtue of its ownership of the Generator Interconnection Facility.  In addition, the report concludes that, after reviewing all Transmission Owner requirements not currently applicable to Generator Owners, only reliability standard FAC-003-1 should be expanded to also apply to Generator Owners.  The group concluded that the test for determining whether FAC-003-1 should apply to a Generator Owner should be whether they own a Generator Interconnection Facility that exceeds two spans (generally, more than one-half mile) from the generator property line.  The basis for using this test, the report explains, is that two spans is generally the distance within the generator operator's line-of-sight and can be monitored for vegetation issues on a routine basis.

To view the final report, click here.