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FERC Issues Order Addressing NERC’s CIP Reliability Standards Implementation Plan

On December 17, 2009, in Docket No. RM06-22-010, FERC issued an order addressing NERC’s September 15, 2009, implementation plan concerning the implementation of eight CIP-related Reliability Standards (i.e., CIP-002-1 through CIP-009-1) by generator owners and operators of nuclear power plants (CIP Implementation Plan).  In the December 17 Order, FERC determines that additional information is required to evaluate NERC’s CIP Implementation Plan.  Accordingly, FERC directs NERC to make a compliance filing providing additional information regarding the scope of systems determination, particularly the exemption process for excluding systems, structures, and components from the scope of NERC CIP Reliability Standards. To read the full text of the Commission’s order on NERC's CIP Implementation Plan, click here.