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NERC and SPP Submit Joint Compliance Filing regarding Amendments to SPP Bylaws

On December 1, 2009, NERC and SPP submitted a joint compliance filing to FERC in compliance with the Commission September 17, 2009 Order accepting proposed amendments to SPP’s Bylaws.  Specifically, the September 17 Order directed NERC and SPP to submit a compliance filing to provide: (1) a further amendment to Section 9.3 of the SPP Bylaws to identify the specific duties of the SPP Regional Entity General Manager; and, (2) an explanation of the amended voting procedure in Section 9.7.3(e) of the SPP Bylaws including clear examples of the “negative voting” as applied to “one candidate” and to “multiple candidates” as described in Section 9.7.3(e).  To view NERC’s and SPP’s joint compliance filing, click here.