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NERC Seeks FERC Approval of Two Interpretations of Reliability Standard CIP-006-2

On December 22, 2009, in FERC Docket No. RM06-16-000, NERC submitted for Commission approval two interpretations of Reliability Standard CIP-006-2, Physical Security of Critical Cyber Assets. The interpretations address Requirements R1.1 and R4. NERC explains that, at the time the proposed interpretations were submitted to NERC, Version 1 of the CIP standards was the effective FERC-approved version of this Standard and, accordingly, the requests were processed referencing CIP-006-1.  Since then, however, CIP-006-2 was submitted to and approved by FERC. The changes in CIP-006-2 relative to Version 1 are not material to the substance of the instant interpretation request and, therefore, NERC states that it will append the interpretations to Version 2 of CIP-006 in lieu of Version 1. To view NERC’s filing of proposed interpretations of Reliability Standard CIP-006-2, click here.