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NERC Submits New IRO Reliability Standards for Approval

On December 31, 2009, in Docket No. RM06-16, NERC submitted proposed Interconnection Reliability Operating Limit (IRO) Reliability Standards for approval. Specifically, NERC submits proposed Reliability Standards IRO-008-1 (Reliability Coordinator Operational Analyses and Real-time Assessments); IRO-009-1 (Reliability Coordinator Actions to Operate within IROLs); and, IRO-010-1a (Reliability Coordinator Data Specification and Collection). NERC explains that the implementation plan for the new IRO Reliability Standards calls for modifications to or deletions of the following standards:

(1) EOP-001-0 (Emergency Operations Planning) (retire Requirement R2);
(2) IRO-002-1 (Reliability Coordination – Facilities) (retire Requirement R2);
(3) IRO-004-1 (Reliability Coordination – Operations Planning) (retire Requirements R1 through R6);
(4) IRO-005-2 (Reliability Coordination – Current Day Operations) (retire requirements R2, R3, R5, R16, and R17; modify Requirements R9, R13, and R14);
(5) TOP-003-0 (Planned Outage Coordination) (modify Requirement R1.2);
(6) TOP-005-1 (Operational Reliability Information) (retire Requirements R1 and R1.1; modify Attachment 1); and,
(7) TOP-006-1 (Monitoring System Conditions) (modify Requirement R4).

As a result of these modifications, NERC also submitted revised versions of these standards for approval. In addition, NERC requests approval of two new definitions: “Operation Planning Analysis” and “Real-time Assessment”. To view NERC’s filing, click here.