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NERC Files Petition for Approval of IRO-006-5 and IRO-006-EAST-1, Glossary Term and Implementation Plan

On January 13, 2011, in Docket No. RM06-16, NERC submitted a petition for approval for proposed IRO standards IRO-006-5 (Transmission Loading Relief) and IRO-006-EAST-1 (TLR Procedure for the Eastern Interconnection). It also seeks approval of a new definition for the term “Market Flow” in the NERC Glossary, which is included in the new proposed standard. Finally, NERC requests FERC approval for implementation plans that call for the retirement of Standards IRO-006-4.1 and IRO-006-4.1 Attachment 1, the retirement of the term “Reallocation”, and an effective date of the first day of the first calendar quarter after the date the standards are approved by FERC. To view the petition, click here.