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FERC Issues Order No. 733-A, Denying Rehearing of Order No. 733 but granting Extension of Time to Comply with PRC-023-1

On February 17, 2011, in Docket RM08-13-001, FERC issued Order No. 733-A, which generally denied requests for rehearing of its Order No. 733 regarding NERC's Transmission Relay Loadability Reliability Standard (PRC-023-1).  However, FERC granted an extension of time of 24 months for compliance.  A major theme of Order No. 733-A is that NERC is not required to comply with FERC’s “suggested” approach to compliance with a FERC’s directive to modify/develop a Reliability Standard; rather, NERC must either comply or develop an equally effective and efficient approach.  In Order No. 733-A, FERC addresses challenges to its statutory authority for failure to give "due weight" to NERC's technical expertise.  To see the order, click here.