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FERC Issues Order Approving Revised VSL Assignments

On May 19, 2011, in Docket Nos. RR08-4 and RM08-11, FERC issued an Order on Compliance Filing and Rehearing approving NERC’s proposed revised approach to assigning Violation Risk Factors (VRFs) and Violation Severity Levels (VSLs).  NERC initially set out the approach it would utilize in the assignment of VRFs and VSLs in an August 10, 2009 filing.  NERC submitted its revised approach on March 5, 2010, as supplemented by filings on May 5, 2010 and March 21, 2011.  The revised approach addresses, among other things, FERC’s directive in Order No. 722 to submit VSLs for all requirements and sub-requirements. To view FERC’s Order, click here.