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FERC Issues Order Granting MISO's Recovery of Penalty Costs

On May 6, 2011, in Docket No. ER11-2798, FERC issued an order granting Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.’s  (“MISO’s”) request to recover the $7,000 penalty costs assessed in the December 22, 2009 Settlement Agreement between ReliabilityFirst and an Unidentified Registered Entity ("URE") regarding a violation of CIP-004, Requirements 3.2 and 3.3., submitted in Docket No. NP11-59, from Tariff customers.  To view FERC’s May 6 Order, click here.

To view NERC’s Dec. 22, 2010 (public version) Abbreviated Notice of Penalty, click here.

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