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NERC Files for Approval of CIP-001 Standard with Regional Variance for ERCOT

On June 21, 2011, NERC filed a petition with FERC to approve a Variance to CIP-001-1a (Sabotage Reporting) for the ERCOT Region.  This regional variance will be added to the currently effective CIP-001-1a and be designated as CIP-001-2a upon FERC approval.  The only change being made to CIP-001-1a is the regional variance which would expand the scope of the applicability clause in the ERCOT region to include Transmission Owners (TOs) and Generator Owners (GOs).  Although NERC Project 2009-01 proposes to accomplish this on a continent-wide level, Texas felt it was important to use its Urgent Action process to close this reliability gap for the Texas Interconnection on a faster timeline.  To view the petition, click here.