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NERC Solicits Comments on Proposed Changes to ROP

NERC has posted for comment proposed revisions to its Rules of Procedure (ROP) and the associated Sanction Guidelines (ROP Appendix 4B) and Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program or CMEP (ROP Appendix 4C).  The proposed revisions are clarifications and modifications that NERC states are based on its and the Regional Entities’ experiences under FPA Section 215.  Comments on NERC's proposed changes must be submitted to NERC by August 15, 2011, and must be submitted electronically to: ROPcomments@nerc.net.  NERC states in this posting that it intends to propose a second set of revisions to the ROP on or before August 1, 2011 for comment.  NERC will submit the entire set of proposed ROP modifications (as revised based on consideration of the comments received) to the NERC Board of Trustees for approval at its November 2011 meeting.  The ROP revisions will ultimately need to be submitted to FERC for its approval.  To view NERC's complete filing, which includes an overview and summary as well as a redline of the revisions to the ROP, Sanction Guidelines, and CMEP, click here.