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NERC Submits Revisions to Proposed CIP Version 4 VRFs and VSLs

    On June 6, 2011, in Docket No. RM11-11, NERC submitted for FERC approval revisions to its CIP Version 4 Violation Risk Factors ("VRFs")  and Violation Severity Levels ("VSLs").  On February 10, 2011, NERC filed a request for approval of the Version 4 CIP standards.  On March 21, 2011, NERC submitted a compliance filing, in Docket Nos. RD10-6 and RD09-7, proposing modifications to the Version 2 and 3 CIP VRFs and VSLs in response to FERC’s January 20, 2011 Order.  Pursuant to FERC’s request, NERC is filing those same revised Version 4 VRFs and VSLs in this docket as well. To view NERC’s revised Proposed CIP Version 4 VRFs and VSLs, click here.