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FERC Issues Order Approving Stipulation and Consent Agreement with WECC

On July 7, 2011, in Docket No. IN11-1, FERC approved a stipulation and consent agreement between the FERC Office of Enforcement (“Enforcement”), NERC staff, and WECC, purporting to resolve an investigation of WECC’s predecessor, the Pacific Northwest Security Coordinator (PNSC), regarding possible violations of Reliability Standards associated with a BES disturbance in Utah on February 14, 2008.  WECC agreed to pay a civil penalty of $350,.000 to be divided equally between the U.S. Treasury and NERC.  WECC also agreed to commit to a compliance plan which included improvement of its training program and procedures to ensure that reliability Coordinators understand their responsibilities to: direct Balancing Authorities within WECC to comply with the Disturbance Control Standards, BAL-002-02, Requirement R4; issue Energy Emergency Alerts; and issue proper directives.  WECC will also file semi-annual compliance reports to Enforcement and NERC Staff for up to two years. To view the FERC’s Order, click here.