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FERC Issues Notice of Staff Meeting on TPL-002

On October 7, 2011, in Docket No. RM10-6, FERC issued a Notice of a Staff meeting to be held on Monday, October 24th from 1-5pm EST and Tuesday, October 25th, from 8am-12noon EST.  The purpose of the staff meeting is to conduct a technical discussion to "discuss the reliability implications to the interconnected transmission system associated with a single point of failure on protection systems."

In Order No. 754, FERC approved NERC’s interpretation of Requirement R 1.3.10 of Reliability Standard TPL-002-0 (System Performance Following Loss of a Single Bulk Electric System Element).  In addition, FERC stated that it believes there is an issue concerning the study of a single point of failure on protection systems, and directed FERC staff to meet with NERC and appropriate subject matter experts to explore this concern, how it can best be addressed, and identify any additional actions necessary to address the matter. To view FERC’s Notice of Staff Meeting, click here.