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FERC Issues Order Conditionally Approving Revisions to the NERC Rules of Procedure

On December 20, 2012 in Docket RR12-8, FERC issued an order that conditionally approves, with limited exceptions, numerous revisions to the NERC Rules of Procedure and its appendices. The order approves revisions to Sections 300 (Reliability Standards Development), 400 (Compliance Enforcement), 600 (Personnel Certification), 800 (Reliability Assessment and Performance Analysis), 1000 (Situation Awareness and Infrastructure Security), 1400 (Amendments to the Rules of Procedure), and 1700 (Challenges to Determinations), and Appendices 2 (Definitions), 3C (Procedure for Coordinating Reliability Standards Approvals, Remands, and Directives), 4B (Sanction Guidelines), 4C (Uniform Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program), 5B (Statement of Compliance Registry Criteria), and 6 (System Operator Certification Program Manual). The order directs NERC to make compliance and informational filings within 60 days.

To view the order, click here.