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Advance Notification to Native American Tribes of Certain Nuclear Waste Shipments

NRC licensees are currently required to provide advance notice to participating Federally-recognized Tribal governments regarding shipments of irradiated reactor fuel and certain nuclear wastes that pass within or across their reservations. The NRC has provided and will maintain a list and interactive map of Tribal boundaries of participating, Federally-recognized Native American Tribes in order to assist licensees in adhering to their notification duties under 10 CFR 71.97 and 73.37. These provisions require licensees to give advance notice to any participating, Federally-recognized Tribal government of their shipment of irradiated nuclear fuel and certain nuclear wastes that will pass within or across the Tribal government’s reservation. In addition to the list’s publication on the NRC website, it will be updated and published annually in the Federal register on or about June 30 of each year.