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Proposed Rule and Draft Regulatory Guides Regarding Approval of American Society of Mechanical Engineers' Code Cases

The NRC issued for public comment three DGs, DG–1230, “Design, Fabrication and Materials Code Case Acceptability, ASME Section III”; DG–1231, “Inservice Inspection Code Case Acceptability, ASME Section XI, Division 1”; and DG–1232, “Operation and Maintenance Code Case, Acceptability, ASME OM Code.” The subject DGs list the Code Cases that the NRC has approved for use by applicants and licensees. Code Cases provide an acceptable voluntary alternative to the mandatory ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and Operation and Maintenance of nuclear power plant provisions approved by the NRC. Comments are due by September 9, 2013. The NRC also issued for public comment a proposed rule to amend its regulations to incorporate these three RGs. Comments on this related proposed rule are also due by September 9, 2013.