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Regulatory Issue Summary

The NRC has issued Regulatory Issue Summary (RIS) 2013-08, "Process for Scheduling Acceptance Reviews of New Reactor Licensing and Design Certification Applications and Process for Determining Budget Needs for Fiscal Year 2016."This RIS describes the process by which the NRC wishes to receive notification of 10 CFR Part 52 licensing actions, applications, and changes to applications. Advance notification of these actions will assist the NRC in allocating its Fiscal Year 2016 resources for acceptance reviews, anticipated licensing actions, and inspection support. As a result, the review process will be more predictable and efficient. The policy applies to all Early Site Permit (ESP), Limited Work Authorization (LWA), Standard Design Certification (DC), and Combined License (COL) applications. The NRC expects to receive written notice from applicants of their predicted application submission date no later than ninety days in advance of the submission. The NRC Staff is seeking notification on the number and the degree of complexity of ESP, LWA, DC, and COL applications, and any other licensing requests that applicants expect to submit through Fiscal Year 2016 by June 27, 2013, although, no specific action or written response is required.

The NRC issued RIS 2013-05, “NRC Position on the Relationship Between General Design Criteria and Technical Specification Operability.” The RIS explains the NRC Staff’s position on the relationship between the general design criteria (GDC) and technical specification operability. It also clarifies the procedure for addressing any structure, system, or component nonconforming condition with GDC as incorporated into a plant’s current licensing basis.