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Revision to Regulatory Guides (RGs)

The NRC issued a revision to RG 1.33, “Quality Assurance Program Requirements (Operations).” The revision defines a method that the NRC Staff considers acceptable for complying with the Commission’s regulations for managerial and administrative Quality Assurance controls at nuclear power plants. Specifically, RG 1.33 describes methods for complying with 10 CFR 50.34(b)(6)(ii) and 52.79(a)(27).

The NRC issued Revision 1 to RG 4.2, Supplement 1 (RG 4.2S1), “Preparation of Environmental Reports for Nuclear Power Plant License Renewal Applications.” RG 4.2S1 provides guidance to applicants in the preparation of environmental reports that are submitted with the application for the renewal of a nuclear power plant operating license.