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Technical Specifications Task Force (TSTF)

The NRC announced the availability of Technical Specifications (TSs) Task Force Traveler TSTF – 426, Revision 5, “Revise or Add Actions to Preclude Entry into LCO (Limiting Condition for Operation) 3.0.3 – RITSTF (Risk-Informed TSTF) Initiatives 6B & 6C,” for plant-specific adoption using the Consolidated Line Item Improvement Process (CLIIP). The NRC Staff also found the proposed TS (Volume 1) and TS Bases (Volume 2) changes in Traveler TSTF – 426 acceptable for inclusion in the following Standard Technical Specification (STS): NUREG-1432, “Standard Technical Specifications Combustion Engineering Plants.” This change revises various TSs to add a condition for loss of redundant features representing a loss of safety function for a system or component included within the scope of the plant TSs.