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FERC Issues NOPR Proposing to Approve Regional Reliability Standards MOD-025-2, MOD-026-1, MOD-027-1, PRC-019-1, and PRC-024-1

On September 19, 2013 in Docket No. RM13-16, FERC issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) proposing to approve proposed Reliability Standards MOD-025-2, MOD-026-1, MOD-027-1, PRC-019-1 and PRC-024-1​.  The Commission notes in the NOPR that, collectively, the proposed Reliability Standards improve the accuracy of model verifications needed to support reliability and enhance the coordination of generator protection systems and voltage regulating system controls.  The Commission goes on to state that such improvements should help reduce the risk of generator trips and provide more accurate models for Transmission Planners and Planning Coordinators to develop system models and simulations. ​ ​

To view the NOPR, click here.