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Revisions to Radiation Protection Standard Review Plan (SRP)

 The NRC issued final revisions to the following sections of NUREG–0800, ‘‘Standard Review Plan for the Review of Safety Analysis Reports for Nuclear Power Plants: LWR Edition’’: Section 12.1, ‘‘Assuring that Occupational Radiation Exposures Are As Low As Is Reasonably Achievable,’’ Section 12.2, ‘‘Radiation Sources,’’ Section 12.3 -12.4, ‘‘Radiation Protection Design Features,’’ and Section 12.5,  “Operational Radiation Protection Program.” The changes to this final SRP Chapter reflect the current NRC staff review methods and practices based on lessons learned from NRC reviews of design certification and combined license applications completed since the last revision of this chapter in March 2007. Changes include: (1) Adding guidance to the staff for evaluating the acceptability of the radiation protection program, including the applicant’s use of generic radiation protection and groundwater program templates; (2) providing additional guidance for review of existing regulatory requirements related to the material covered in Chapter 12 of the SRP; (3) updating the review interfaces to improve the efficiency and consistency of staff reviews; and (4) updating references covered in SRP Chapter 12. The effective date of this Standard Review Plan update is October 30, 2013.

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