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Revisions to Standard Review Plan Regarding Design of Structures, Components, Equipment, and Systems

The NRC issued final revisions to the following sections in Chapter 3, ‘‘Design of Structures, Components, Equipment and Systems’’ of NUREG–0800, ‘‘Standard Review Plan for the Review of Safety Analysis Reports for Nuclear Power Plants: LWR Edition,’’ Section 3.7.2, ‘‘Seismic System Analysis,’’ Section 3.7.3, ‘‘Seismic Subsystem Analysis,’’ Section 3.8.1, ‘‘Concrete Containment,’’ Section 3.8.3, ‘‘Concrete and Steel Internal Structures of Steel or Concrete Containments,’’ Section 3.8.4, ‘‘Other Seismic Category I Structures,’’ and Section 3.8.5, ‘‘Foundations.’’  The effective date of this Standard Review Plan update is October 28, 2013.

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