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FERC Issues Final Rule Approving Reliability Standard TPL-001-4

On October 17, 2013, in Dockets RM12-1 and RM13-9, FERC issued a final rule approving NERC’s proposed Transmission Planning Reliability Standard TPL-001-4. Reliability Standard TPL-001-4 introduces significant revisions and improvements by requiring annual assessments addressing near-term and long-term planning horizons for steady state, short circuit and stability conditions. Reliability Standard TPL-001-4 also includes a provision that allows a transmission planner to plan for non-consequential load loss following a single contingency by providing a blend of specific quantitative and qualitative parameters for the permissible use of planned non-consequential load loss to address bulk electric system performance issues, including firm limitations on the maximum amount of load that an entity may plan to shed, safeguards to ensure against inconsistent results and arbitrary determinations that allow for the planned non-consequential load loss, and a more specifically defined, open and transparent, verifiable, and enforceable stakeholder process.

FERC also issued a separate Statement of Commissioner LaFleur on the Standard.  

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