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Onsite Emergency Response Capabilities

Stemming from the NRC’s lessons-learned efforts associated with the March 2011 Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident in Japan, the NRC is making available a final regulatory basis document to support the potential amendment of its regulations concerning nuclear power plant licensees’ onsite emergency response capabilities.  This document describes the regulatory basis to strengthen and integrate onsite emergency response capabilities and documents the reasons why the NRC determined rulemaking was the appropriate course of action to enhance regulatory requirements: “In this regulatory basis, the NRC staff recommends developing a proposed rule that would require integrated accident mitigating procedures and associated severe accident exercises, identify requirements for a severe accident command and control organization, and amend current rules for training to include requirements related to severe accidents.”  Also, preliminary proposed rule language for one portion of the NRC’s proposed changes is included in the regulatory basis document as Appendix C. 

Several NRC staff members initially submitted non-concurrences on the regulatory basis document. The non-concurrence issues were assessed and, after the regulatory basis was revised to address the concerns, four of the staff members concurred, and one staff member reaffirmed his non-concurrence.

The NRC is not seeking formal comments on the regulatory basis document at this time.