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The NRC issued the following Regulatory Guides (RG):

RG 1.184, “Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Reactors” (Revision 1):  The first issuance of RG 1.184 was in July 2000, and Revision 1 incorporates decommissioning guidance documents released since then.  For the Federal Register notice, click here. 
RG 1.110, “Cost-Benefit Analysis for Radwaste Systems for Light-Water-Cooled Nuclear Power Reactors” (Revision 1):  The NRC made editorial corrections and formatting changes with no substantive changes in the staff regulatory positions. 

Draft RG DG–8031, “Monitoring Criteria and Methods to Calculate Occupational Radiation Doses”:  DG–8031 is proposed revision 1 of RG 8.34, dated July 1992.  In 2007, the NRC revised the definition of total effective dose equivalent (TEDE).  Because of the changed definition of TEDE, RG 8.34 is inconsistent with the current regulatory rule and is being revised to reflect the rule change. Also, DG-8031 incorporates guidance on how to calculate occupational radiation doses for wound contamination to the extremities into this draft revision of RG 8.34.  Comments are due December 24, 2013.

RG 1.79, “Preoperational Testing of Emergency Core Cooling Systems for Pressurized-Water Reactors” (Revision 2):  This RG is being revised to incorporate guidance for preoperational testing of new pressurized water reactor (PWR) designs.