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Updated: Amendments to Material Control and Accounting Regulations

The NRC issued for public comment a proposed rule to amend its regulations for material control and accounting (MC&A) of special nuclear material (SNM). The goal of the rulemaking is to revise and consolidate the MC&A requirements in order to update, clarify, and strengthen them. The proposed amendments add new requirements that would apply to NRC licensees who are authorized to process SNM in a quantity greater than 350 grams.

The NRC seeks input on several specific aspects of the proposed rule, including the appropriate threshold amount of SNM on which item control requirements should be imposed. With respect to these and other proposed requirements that go beyond consolidation and clarification of existing requirements, the NRC seeks input on the need for the requirements in relation to the proportionate levels of risk represented by the processes and material quantities and forms that are used at different types of licensee facilities. The NRC also seeks input on whether there are less burdensome alternatives to the proposed requirements that would still ensure the adequate control and accurate accounting of SNM. The original comment period has been extended by the NRC, and comments are now due by March 10, 2014.  Additionally, the NRC will hold a public meeting regarding the proposed rule on January 9, 2014.

To see the Proposed Rule, click here.