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Draft Interim Staff Guidance Regarding the Aging Management of Loss of Coating Integrity

The NRC issued draft License Renewal Interim Staff Guidance (LR-ISG), LR-ISG-2013-01, “Aging Management of Loss of Coating Integrity for Internal Service Level III.” This draft LR-ISG proposes to add a new NRC staff-recommended aging management program (AMP), new aging management review (AMR) items, and new age-related definitions in NUREG– 1801, Revision 2, ‘‘Generic Aging Lessons Learned (GALL) Report.’’ The draft LR–ISG also adds new AMR items and changes to the Final Safety Analysis Supplement program description in NUREG–1800, Revision 2, ‘‘Standard Review Plan for Review of License Renewal Applications for Nuclear Power Plants.’’ These changes address new recommendations related to Service Level III internal coatings in piping, tanks, and heat exchangers. Comments are due by February 24, 2014.

You can find LR-ISG-2013-01 here.

You can find the Federal Register notice here