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Environmental Groups File Rulemaking Petition Regarding Spent Fuel Storage

On February 18, 2014, 34 environmental groups filed a rulemaking petition requesting that the NRC consider, in all pending and future reactor licensing and re-licensing decisions, information they consider “new and significant” relating to the environmental impacts of high-density pool storage in reactor pools, as well as alternatives for avoiding or mitigating those impacts.  Petitioners assert that environmental analyses for licensing and re-licensing proceedings should be supplemented to include certain information generated by the NRC Staff during its post-Fukushima Expedited Spent Fuel Transfer Proceeding.  The information Petitioners cite includes estimates related to the size of affected areas and potential numbers of displaced people in the event of a spent fuel accident, information related to the risks and consequences of high-density pool fire.  The petition requests that the NRC  modify all regulations regarding environmental impacts of spent fuel storage during reactor operation.