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Sen. Murkowski releases white paper on electricity regulation, reliability

On February 11, 2014, at the NARUC Winter Meeting, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) released a white paper entitled “Powering the Future: Ensuring that Federal Policy Fully Supports Electric Reliability”.  The white paper “presents the case for greater awareness and engagement on electric reliability.”  Sen. Murkowski states that “enhanced coordination between regulators and regulated entities as well as clearer voices about potentially looming problems is crucial – as are policy improvements that can and should be made by Congress.”  Murkowski warns that grid stability is complicated by coal retirements, environmental regulations, and integration of renewable resources.  She states that policymakers should prioritize grid reliability in their debates about energy policy. Among other things, Murkowski argues that “[f]ederal regulations should not be proposed in a vacuum”, and calls for more congressional oversight and a greater role for electric reliability professionals in evaluating environmental rules. Specifically, Murkowski states that it may be “time to consider regulatory and even legislative reforms that will ensure a more robust role for electric reliability professionals in evaluating environmental rules.”

 To view Sen. Murkowski’s white paper, click here.