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FERC issues Order No. 796 Approving Generator Verification Reliability Standards

On March 20, 2014, in Docket No. RM13-16, FERC issued a final rule approvingthe Reliability Standards MOD-025-2 (Verification and Data Reporting of Generator Real and Reactive Power Capability and Synchronous Condenser Reactive Power Capability), MOD-026-1 (Verification of Models and Data for Generator Excitation Control System or Plant Volt/Var Control Functions), MOD-027-1(Verification of Models and Data for Turbine/Governor and Load Control or Active Power/Frequency Control Functions), PRC-019-1 (Coordination of Generating Unit or Plant Capabilities, Voltage Regulating Controls, and Protection), and PRC-024-1 (Generator Frequency and Voltage Protective Relay Settings). The generator verification Reliability Standards help ensure that verified data is available for power system planning and operational studies by requiring the verification of generator equipment and capability needed to support Bulk-Power System reliability and promoting the coordination of important protection system settings.

To view FERC’s Order No. 796, click here.